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Discover Armenia

What One Can See in Armenia Armenia occupies a territory of 2977thousand square kilometers. The average altitude of the territory is 1,800 meter...

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Armenia USA

Armenia - US Relations: Friendship and Cooperation The United States recognized the independence of Armenia on December 25, 1991, and the two co...

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Business Economy

Termination of the application of Jackson-Vanik Act to Armenia November 22, 2004 On 19 November, the US Senate adopted a Miscellaneous Trade and ...


Diplomatic Mission

The Republic of Armenia established a diplomatic mission in the United States in February 1992. Alexander Arzoumanian served as Charge d'Affaires...

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Statement by the minister of foreign affairs

Mr. President, Our congratulations to you, Mr. Ping, our thanks to Mr. Julian Hunte and to the Secretary General for their efforts during this...