Termination of the application of Jackson-Vanik Act to Armenia November 22, 2004 On 19 November, the US Senate adopted a Miscellaneous Trade and Technical Corrections Act that includes a provision on granting PNTR (permanent normal trade relations) status to Armenia. The House of Representatives passed the same act earlier this year. Establishment of Armenia - US permanent normal trade relations effectively repeals application of Jackson-Vanik amendment, and Armenia-US trade relations will from now on be regulated by not only bilateral, but also international agreements, including those withing the framework of the World Trade Organization. The volume of Armenia - US trade, including Armenian exports to the US, have grown significantly in the last four years. According to the US Department of Commerce, Armenia's exports to the U.S. during January - September of 2004 amounted to $33.2 million, a 42 percent increase compared to the same period of 2003.

Keynote Address by Vahram Nercissiantz Chief Economic Advisor to the President of Armenia at

The Third International Conference

of Armenian International Policy Research Group Washington D.C. (January 15, 2005)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

am happy to be here again at this third conference of the Armenian International Policy Research Group. Clearly, AIPRG had another successful year in helping to advance research and technical analysis of Armenian public policy issues, including publication of its second compendium of policy papers–the Armenian Journal of Public Policy. I thus offer our heartfelt gratitude to AIPRG’s Executive Board and associates. I also wish to thank the organizers and sponsors of this year’s conference for their efforts and dedication in promoting this weekend’s discussions on Income Distribution and Social Safety Nets. My special thanks goes to the World Bank for having hosted and funded the AIPRG annual conferences for now three consecutive years.